Friday, 27 September 2013

Charli XCX - SuperLove (Video)

Some stuff about Charli XCX:

1. She wears amazing shoes.

2. There are a lot of fan accounts for Charli XCX on twitter. 

3. If we were a young woman (we’re not) we’d quite fancy being Charli XCX. Being Charli XCX looks like it would be a lot of fun.

4. Her debut album is one of our favourite pop albums of the year (but not our absolute favourite)

5. Even although she only released the album this year, she’s already written plenty of songs for the 2nd one.

6. SuperLove is the first of those songs from that 2nd album.

7. SuperLove makes us ask this question: How long will it be before Charli XCX actually has a hit on her own? (Rather than another Icona Pop style collaboration or a big-on-the-blogs underground pop hit like everything from Stay Away onwards)

8. SuperLove (which sounds like a retro video game in places) makes us think that the answer to the above question is not that long (although maybe not quite yet). This one isn't as edgy as previous efforts and therefore probably won't find quite as much favour with the bloggers (Google search correction - we were wrong).

9. “This is my most favourite video i've ever worked on. Me and Ryan Andrews (the director of SuperLove) ran around Japan for 36 hours straight shooting everything. Everyone was so delirious. The scene with the bike gang was amazing. When they all turned up there was so much roaring from all their engines it was like I was in Akira. They were all super cool with loads of tattoos and killer bikes. The whole thing was such a whirlwind, I got to dance with robots and ride a motorbike which was kinda cool,” says Charli XCX of the video.

10. Well done Charli XCX. In the game of good pop bad pop you win again.

Charli XCX - SuperLove (Video)


Anonymous said...

I read your comments on twitter slating professional websites who just posted this video as quick as possible with no editorial of depth and came here expecting to see something really interesting.

I am leaving disappointed. "She wears amazing shoes." Wow,. Insightful.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

We've never claimed to be a journalist or offer depth. Far from it.

We have a lot of sympathy for music websites that are trying to earn money and surviving on very low incomes - but the constant stream of link baiting 'news' items on many sites all saying the same thing is a bit of a turn off for us. That was our point on twitter. We want our paid journos to produce something of increased depth and value as well as the churnover of news. But we suspect we're in the minority :(

3. We wrote this post very quickly (5 mins) because we were pushed for time yesterday, but then thought it might be fun to use in creating some discussion via twitter. That worked to a small extent.

4. She does wear amazing shoes. We never claimed it was meant to be deep. We were just having fun. That's what pop music is about.

Scryst said...

Ha ha you're such an amateur Robin! :)

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Yep. That's my point.

But I want MORE from the professionals (but appreciate that its hard when link-baiting quick to produce news articles bring income streams)