Sunday, 29 September 2013

Yumi and the Weather - New Waves

The name Yumi and the Weather may sound like some sort of kiddie candy-pop band for toddlers, but this (initially) solo project of Brighton’s Ruby Taylor (previously the singer of a ska, reggae and soul band called Tin Roots) provides for something with far more depth and maturity.

Having started in 2012 Ruby has picked up decent on line attention with the menagerie of atmospheric indie rock, distant ghostly vocals and subtle beats that makes up debut track Must I Wait and the experimental pop from follow up Not Again. However it’s new song All We Can, taken from the forthcoming debut EP that shows the boldest step forward. Smoother than previous work it’s sophisticated and smouldering, with fingertip beats, light pulsing electronics and little flourishes of guitar all setting the pace before warm brass swims in and builds the track into something that you could keep looping over and over way into the night. In fact it's very much late pm music, not exactly lazy or sleepy but certainly chilled and unhurried.

Whilst Yumi and the Weather is still a project that is clearly developing in sound and style with each new song recorded, All We Can puts down an important marker. There's a confidence in its reserve.

Now with a drummer and bassist recruited to form a full band gigs are beginning to happen. If you’re in the UK you can catch Yumi and the Weather at Above Audio in Brighton on October 2nd before they play their first London show at Notting Hill Arts Club on the 3rd. The debut EP is released on XVI Records on October 21st. 

Yumi and the Weather - All We Can

Yumi and the Weather - Must I Wait (Video)

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