Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pawws - Outside

What were you doing on Valentine’s day? Can you remember? We can. We were listening to the sad confessions of a girl called Lucy. “I guessed it just didn’t work out.” We remember the words pouring from her mouth.

Now it's September the 24th and we’re doing the same again, her voice once again filling our head.

Because Lucy Taylor aka Pawws is back with Outside, the song we first streamed in demo form on the day of love and described as “a track that pulses and throbs as if it has been transported in time from 1980’s synth Britannia days, harnessing a calmly cool version of Madonna singing over the top.” Outside still sounds like this but it’s more fully packed and brighter than its previous outing, which really is what should happen when you go from a demo to a fully realised version of a song, isn’t it?

Pawws is out on tour this autumn. We’ll be there. Will you? Dates are here.

Pawws - Outside

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