Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Vaults - New Waves

There’s an immense satisfaction as a music blogger about pressing play on stream of a new band you’ve never heard before and feeling instantly thrilled.

Such was the case yesterday when we first heard newcomers Vaults and their debut song Cry No More. Featuring a vocal performance of some distinction that’s a little reminiscent of Katie Stelmanis from Austra, plus chimes, keys and strings that glide and rotate effortlessly, Cry No More grows imperceptibly into something even more knee trembling. If you visit Breaking More Waves regularly and like a fair proportion of what we post, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this.

So who are Vaults? We have no idea. This track has landed on line with very little fanfare and virtually zero information. Their twitter has just 1 tweet (a link to their website) and they (for we assume it is a they at this stage) only joined Facebook at the end of July, and right at this moment there's not a lot on there. So for now, just enjoy this. It’s a tremendous piece of baroque electronic pop.

Vaults - Cry No More

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