Friday, 20 September 2013

Adna - New Waves

If we were being lazy we could suggest that Adna is basically a tiny bit like the Swedish version of Daughter or Laura Marling in terms of the gentle melancholy of her sound.

If we were being lazy we could also suggest that Sweden not only does the best pop music but the best music, full stop.

If we were being lazy we could suggest that despite still being a teenager Adna sounds way older than her young years.

If we were being lazy we could use the word dreamy to describe her song called Dreamer.

If we were being lazy and just wanted to be constantly updated on the best new fuzzy indie guitar bands and ethereal folk music out there (like Adna) rather than search for it ourselves we could just sit and read the rather excellent Just Music That I Like.

Which we did. That's where we found Adna.

Sometimes being lazy brings rewards. At this rate, we'll be publishing a picture of the cover of a soon to be released album and calling it a news story, or just copying and pasting a list of the 10 Greatest Haircuts in Pop, whilst sneaking a few adverts onto the site and earning a fat load of cash off them as the traffic rolls in.

Adna - Dreamer (Video)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.

Looking forward to a '50 greatest albums of all time feature' where I have to click through each page to see a photo of the album cover and 1 line of 'editorial'.

Oh hold on, don't bother,I'll just go to that quality(!!!!!) website the NME. LOL.