Friday, 13 September 2013

Lorde - Team

Many conservative rock fans sneer at pop music because they think it’s only for teenagers and they have a low view of the taste of teenagers. Yet to dismiss pop music is like dismissing life itself; because the best pop music can be just as important, just as innovative, just as f*cking brilliant as any other genre of music. Of course there’s good pop and there’s bad pop and what is good and what is bad is always going to be a matter of opinion, but that differentiation should never be based upon the age of the listener or the performer. ABC by The Jackson 5 is a great pop song yet Michael Jackson was just 11 years old when he sang it. The Beatles had thousands of screaming teenage fans.

Which brings us neatly to New Zealand’s Lorde. She may only be 16, but even if she was 66 it wouldn’t matter, because she’s doing perfect pop. It’s the sort of pop that irrespective of if you’re 14 or 44 you should open your ears to. We find it difficult to understand how anyone couldn’t like these swaggering synths, beats and casual hooks.Thank god for pop music.

Lorde - Team (Audio Stream)

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