Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Little Boots - Satellite (Video)

So here’s one of our favourite songs from our favourite Little Boots LP so far. OK there’s only been two Little Boots LPs, but in the world of pop and the ever quicker turnover of the internet where one duff song can not only lead to the curtains being closed on the window of opportunity, but the shutters being pulled shut, locked, and bolted and the key thrown away, releasing two albums is actually quite an achievement, especially when you’ve parted ways with your label. It might have been easier for Little Boots to disappear, rebrand herself and come back under another identity (probably a mysterious one until THE BIG REVEAL) but thankfully Little Boots is still Little Boots and Satellite is still a corker.

Satellite finds the Vickster returning to her home town of Blackpool where she co-directed this video in the towns historic Tower Ballroom Besides the video there's also this rather chilled house remix of the song from remix competition winners MDNGHT.

Little Boots - Satellite (Video)

Little Boots - Satellite (MDNGHT Remix)

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