Monday, 9 September 2013

Why Breaking More Waves Looks Different

If you’re a regular reader you’ll notice things look different here today.

This weekend Breaking More Waves has been at Bestival. Whilst we’ve been away the internet gremlins seem to have crept into the blog and as a result everything went slightly wonky, meaning it wasn’t possible to read the posts properly.

So as a temporary fix and because of our lack of ability to remedy the problem, we’ve changed the look of the blog. We’re not sure we like it, but at least it works and makes the thing readable. Further changes may occur in the next few weeks.

Edit 17.45 9/9/2013 - We have now changed the colour scheme again and are now fairly content that this new makeover will be here to stay.

Normal daily music blog posts will resume shortly.

1 comment:

Richard G said...

I't looking good now, I agree. Worth the change even if it were the result of a gremlin whilst you we 'abroad' at Bestival.