Friday, 6 September 2013

George Ezra - Budapest

Right now we're at our final outdoor summer festival of 2013; Bestival on the Isle of Wight.

In fact we've been on the white isle since Wednesday. Don't you just love the facility to pre-write posts and schedule them? What you think we do this daily? If only you knew....

So this is our final post on Breaking More Waves till next Tuesday.

As a blog we can sometimes go on a bit, but this is probably one of our shortest posts - we're letting the music speak for itself for once.

The singer is George Ezra. The song is Budapest. He's from Bristol and may even be a secret S Club 7 fan. The music is bloody marvellous. We expect to hear a lot more from him in 2014. Put him in that Ones to Watch / Sound Of club if you want.

Just press play. Download for free from here.

Bloody marvellous we tell you.

George Ezra - Budapest

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