Friday, 13 September 2013

Little Daylight - Glitter And Gold (Charli XCX Vs TWIN IDoL Remix)

“Like a neon multi-coloured alcopop-giddy version of Chvrches,” was how we first described Brooklyn trio Little Daylight’s Glitter and Gold earlier this summer. Now considering that Charli XCX has a song hidden deep within her back catalogue called Neon Fashion and Glowstix, she seems like the ideal lady to step up and have a go at remixing the song, together with her production chum TWIN IDoL. Yet for those expecting rainbows, jets of colour and the musical equivalent of pink unicorns dancing all over the place, you’ll be surprised to hear that instead Charli strips things back and slows it down a bit. Who would have thought it?

If you haven’t heard the original yet (where have you been?) then check out the video below where a boy scribbles in a notebook under his sheets and is magically transported to a shape distorted forest. There he meets a silent bare footed girl who shows him the light before things get a bit wet.

Little Daylight will be soon out on the road supporting Bastille in the US. Here’s hoping that fans in our neck of the world (UK) get their bit of Little Daylight soon.

Little Daylight - Glitter And Gold (Charli XCX Vs TWIN IDoL Remix)

Little Daylight - Glitter & Gold (Video)

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Awesome song! Thanks for posting this.