Wednesday, 25 September 2013

MØ - Never Wanna Know

Whilst Danish pop singer has been wowing the blogs for some time now, we’ve had one nagging doubt. It’s this; whilst her booming future-pop jams stand out from the crowd, there hasn’t been a huge amount of variation in the style of the tunes so far. As individual tracks everything MØ has done has fully justified why UK music bloggers voted her onto the Blog Sound of2013 poll long list (is she maybe a contender for the BBC Sound of 2014 poll perhaps?), but we’ve been wondering if come the album, will sticking to one musical style detract?

Yesterday MØ released Never Wanna Know to the web and firmly cast any doubts aside. A nostalgic piece of bruised chamber pop that takes reference from 50’s torch songs, 60’s girl bands, Phil Spector production, Lana Del Ray, and even country ballads it most reminds us of the recent work of Ren Harvieu. Never Wanna Know is a sumptuous song that has left us open mouthed and full of wonder, suddenly that MØ album seems a very tantalising prospect.

The song is taken from MØ’s forthcoming Bikini Daze EP which is released through Chess Club / RCA Victor. Hopefully she’ll sell enough copies of the EP to be able to afford a flannel and some soap, because by the look of the picture above the soles of her feet need a good wash.

MØ - Never Wanna Know

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