Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Giant Fang - Golden Age

We fairly confident that the idea of a localised music scene is a fairly outdated one these days, only used by the likes of the often horrendously out of date NME (the B-Town scene for example) magazine as they desperately try to create the next big indie guitar thing out of a bunch of bands from the same town.

If scenes still exist they’re more likely to be formed by similar genres across the information superhighway. As soon as one smart kid / band has uploaded something mind bogglingly brilliant to the internet, you can be pretty sure that inspiration and imitation will flood across the world wide web quicker than you can say “now that’s what I call music.”

So now let’s contradict our theories a little and say that right now there’s a hell of a lot of good electronic music coming out of Scotland and in particular Glasgow. Is it a scene? Or just a coincidence? Or is it that right now there’s a lot of good electronic music coating the world all over, like a synthtopian dream? But for a city that’s historically hasn’t been known for championing computer based tuneage, it’s doing a rather good job right now. From Hudson Mohawke to  Koreless to Prides and of course not forgetting the mighty Chvrches, Glasgow is dancing on its keyboards.

So let’s add Douglas Wilson aka Giant Fang to that list. You may remember his M83-esque tune Aqualung from back here? Now he’s following that up with Golden Age, another beast of a pop song, released through fledgling credible pop label POP unLTD on October 20th. Epic and expansive Golden Age doesn’t hold back in reaching for the skies; it’s the musical version of jumping at airplanes in a synth rock stadium. Open your mind and feel this. Thank you Glasgow. (Again)

Giant Fang - Golden Age

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