Thursday, 12 September 2013

Flyte - Words Come Easily

Imagine if Roy Orbison was still alive today and started mucking around with synths. How good would that be? Well here’s what he might have sounded like. New kids on the block Flyte (we featured them last month here) are now streaming a second song from their Live EP. With its electronic pulses and gentle croon of a vocal, Words Come Easily is like stroking a soft purring pet cat on your lap in a musical form.

It seems that it’s not only ourselves that like Flyte, with the band having recently receiving daytime Radio 1 play from Fearne Cotton and an evening play on Zane Lowe. The band also play Breaking More Waves home city of Portsmouth this coming weekend as part of Southsea Fest and then have their own EP launch party at The Waiting Room in London on September 16th. 

Flyte - Words Come Easily


Chris said...

Loving this - even more than the previous Flyte track you posted. Do you know when/where the Live EP will be available?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

From the press release : The EP titled, 'Live EP' is due out on 16th September with a limited number of physical copies available, all signed and numbered.