Monday, 16 September 2013

Laura Groves - Pale Shadows

If we were ever to write one of those Top 100 Albums You Must Listen To Before You Die lists, there’s absolutely no doubt that Laura Groves aka Blue Roses debut LP, released in 2009, would feature somewhere. It’s a record we named as our favourite of that year and still find deep pleasure from now.

Since the Blue Roses project Laura has been relatively quiet in terms of releases, although her voice could be heard on the work of Nautic last year.

Now she has returned, this time recording under her own name following a move to London from Bradford. With a forthcoming vinyl and digital EP entitled Thinking About Thinking ready for release at the end of this month two songs have surfaced. The first was the tranquil and warm sounding Inky Sea (which you can hear here) which sounds like a natural and unforced progression from her classic and acoustic early days to a more ambient and electronic sound. The second track Pale Shadows (streaming below) makes us swoon even more so. It’s possibly the closest thing to a pop song that Laura that has ever released, albeit a pop song of languid beauty. With gentle floating guitars, light tapping beats and Laura’s wonderful and remarkable voice, the ears will be fully aurally massaged after this.

You can order Thinking About Thinking here.

Laura Groves - Pale Shadows

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