Monday, 23 September 2013

Laura Welsh - Undiscovered (Video)

Fresh from delivering her blend of high-class pop to Camden’s Roundhouse whilst supporting Ellie Goulding at the iTunes festival this weekend Laura Welsh has today released the video for her new single Undiscovered. It seems to be relationship issues again for Laura, this time her partner being a bit of a closed book, as Laura bemoans the fact that she can’t decipher this person. “I can’t get lost in you,” she sings adding lots of sultry oooh oooohs for added ear worm friendly catchiness. Our advice? Take him / her out for a bit of a pub crawl; that wall that holds everything in will soon come tumbling down after a few glasses of wine.

Gathering radio support and with support shows for London Grammar this autumn booked, Laura’s sophisticated tunes are doing rather nicely for themselves; this one adds to that collection.

Laura Welsh - Undiscovered

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