Sunday, 14 February 2021

NEW #11 - Attalie


If you’re craving something with soul, ghostly beauty and elegance then today’s new artist is going to tick all of your boxes.

Attalie might only have just over 1,000 plays of her latest song Homeless on Spotify, but never let the numbers cloud your judgement over the quality of the material.

Taken from her second EP Sigh, the follow up to the Latin influenced Polluted, Homeless is absolutely exquisite. With a voice that floats, despite its heavy depth, Attalie sings of being disconnected: “A stranger at home, have I become?”. It gave me shivers.

There’s a warmth to the musicianship as well; from the soft percussive rhythm that propels the introspective piece forward gently to the sudden surprising sunny stabs of brass, it’s a treat for the ears and one to lose yourself in.

Whilst Attalie might not sound exactly like these artists, Homeless reminds me of the likes of Laura Mvula or Anonhi. There’s the same quality running through her musical blood.

She really deserves more than the pitiful amount of streams she has at the moment.

Attalie - Homeless

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