Monday 8 February 2021

NEW #10 - Folly Group


They’ve already been touted by the NME as a ‘fired up collective making angsty post-punk anthems’, played Brixton Windmill the south London venue with its own little scene that has pushed bands like Black Country, New Road, Goat Girl and PVA  to the forefront and released two songs last year that twitched with an unflinching velocity.

But it’s their newest release that has particularly grabbed my attention. Released towards the end of January 2021, Fashionista is more refined, less scrappy and frantic than the earlier Butt No Rifle and the jerky spoken verses of  Fewer Closer Friends. Dark synth drones, spiked guitars, and yelped vocals combine here to form something that bears at least a passing resemblance to another bunch of Brixton Windmill graduates; Squid. The vocals are a little exaggerated and camp for sure, but that’s good in these books; it gives the song a stylish art-pop edge, throwing back to 80's new wave. 

It’s bands like this that a year or so ago I would have been expecting to begin cropping up on plenty of support slots and multi-venue festivals in London and further afield – possibly even the one I help book – Dials in Portsmouth. But for now everything remains on pause or is cancelled. Folly Group was due to go out on the road with the aforementioned PVA and Lazarus Kane in January but for the moment the best chance of possibly seeing them live is in Scotland where they are on the bill for Scotland’s Stag & Dagger multi-venue festival in May. However, given the current lockdown there has to be some question if that event can realistically go ahead. 

But for now blast out Fashionista and get to know your favourite new London jerky guitar four piece who aren't afraid to dabble in murky electronics.

Folly Group - Fashionista

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