Thursday, 23 April 2020

Lauran Hibberd - Old Nudes

There comes a time in every musician or pop star’s life when a period of reflection and deep thought arises. It is at that moment, a point of immersive discovery of the soul and one’s very being that a single question of absolute importance will arise: “Why haven’t I joined the Musicians in the Bath Club yet?” 

It’s an important question and one that Breaking More Waves has been regularly covering in its blog posts since 2014 when I featured the likes of Charli XCX, Lady Gaga, Prince and the queen of baths Mariah Carey all showing their membership photos of this exclusive and important club. 

Since that time hundreds of new stars have got in the tub for your personal entertainment. Some fully naked, some clothed, some in water, some not, with everything from blood, beer and balloons being used as alternative bath fillings. One recent addition (Lynks Afrikka) even played an Instagram live show in his bath. Alas he was on his own, but I’m seeing an income opportunity here. Soon bands will be playing gigs in baths with the audience floating around in the suds with them – although they’ll probably need a bigger tub. Goodbye sweaty gigs and hello orange and cinnamon fragranced bath bombs and beautifully clean audiences. That doesn't sound too bad does it?

Today we have a new member of the club, one whom at those hot gigs has often noted from stage her high levels of sweating. So, bath gigs could really be a positive way forward for Lauran Hibberd.

Clearly during this pandemic lockdown Lauran has had some time to really explore her inner feelings, to examine herself and ask those big questions about who she is as a person and just why as a musician she has yet to do the bath thing.

Now she has the answer. The bath thing has become a reality. I wonder if she was influenced by fellow musician mate Zuzu who also did the in the tub thing fairly recently? Whatever, she’s now a fully-fledged member of this important club. Lauran Hibberd has arrived. You can see the results in the video below.

There’s a new song as well. Which as this is a music blog, I should probably mention rather than just rambling on about baths. It’s called Old Nudes

Everyone has an embarrassing old naked photo lurking somewhere don’t they? No? Well someone does of Lauran: “He has a dirty photo of me, and he’s stored it on his iPhone 3,” she sings. Old Nudes displays Lauran’s ongoing ability to knock out a hooky melody so be warned that you’ll soon be singing it everywhere (yep, even in the bath). Lyrically she’s as sharp and funny as ever – you’re never quite sure if she’s telling her story, someone else’s or is just making the whole thing up, but if I could click 'like' on a lyric, it would definitely be on “You can see it by the look in my thighs.” Clever.

With the lockdown continuing, the video for the song is inevitably very low budget. Lauran gets to use her web cam. I’m hoping she ensured her electricals were no where near the bath if she decided to fill it after this shoot. Stay safe kids. Stay safe Lauran.

Lauran Hibberd - Old Nudes

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