Monday 22 December 2014

Pop Stars Having A Bath

We apologise for somewhat going over old ground here, having written about this growing phenomenon before, but we think it’s worth bringing to your attention again in the light of some recent developments. 

It’s the growing trend for pop stars posing in the bath.

And pop stars being pop stars (and therefore a little bit bonkers) sometimes have a bath with their clothes on. Call us boring, but this seems a little impractical. Maybe they can’t afford washing machines.

Here’s some examples

Charli XCX had a go and tried to make it look edgy:

She had another go here as well. Silly. Fully clothed:

Lady Gaga has made a habit of it. Here:

And here:

At least she took her clothes off here (then bathed in beer):

It’s not just women doing it though – Naked On Drugs have got in on the act as well. Naked and quite possibly on drugs by the look of things:

If there was one artist guaranteed to get naked it would be Prince:

Denny Doherty, former lead singer of popular 60’s musical gang The Mamas & The Papas shows why the drugs in the 60’s really did affect people’s brains and got it totally wrong. More of a pig feed trough than a bath really:

Lily Allen (who is obviously a woman not a man - just to be clear) had a go as well. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is both water in the bath and that she is indeed naked:

And the last time we mentioned the bath club was when Holland’s Bea jumped in with a body suit on:

Our favourites? Hi Mariah. Two truly wtf pictures:

Yep, she really loves a bath (and so does her dog):

Ok, we get the idea:

Now here’s a new addition. Breaking More Waves regular and favourite Laurel does things properly for her new single Memorials. She is clearly naked, has water in the bath and it seems that she’s put a nice fragrant Lush bath bomb or some other type of bath salts in as well. This has the advantage of colouring the water so that the video remains safe to watch at work and making her smell fragrant afterwards. Well done Laurel. Other potential bath pop star types take note – this is how to do it properly. A decent song too.

You can watch the full video below.

Laurel - Memorials (Video)

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