Sunday 5 April 2020

Introducing: Nina Cobham

In the same manner as Big Piig, another rising artist that has been slowly picking up traction over the last two to three years, Leeds born Nina Cobham spent some of her childhood in Spain and it’s informed her music; under the smooth coating of soft, silky jazzy electronics her soulful vocals take a bilingual approach. If you’re Steve from Bedford or Dave in Swindon and like to blast out Oasis from your white van telling your mates that Noel and Liam made 'real music' and that nobody wants to listen to 'foreign shit', then it’s likely Nina Cobham probably won’t be your cup of tea - even though, like Oasis, Nina is now a resident of Manchester.

Nina’s songs have the atmosphere of the post-club-comedown-taxi-ride-home experience nailed. It’s music to drift away to for three minutes or so, forgetting the troubles of the world, as the lights and sounds outside blur into an opaque haze. There's a hint of Clairo in what Nina does insofar as the songs have a certain languid style to them, although Nina's vocal seems to have more depth.

Previous single Te extra├▒o, pero has already been played on BBC 1Xtra and latest track Sola (released just over a week ago) possesses a gorgeously distant and sultry sound, as if it’s been washed ashore from somewhere exotic. It's more than nice.

This is pop music designed as a blanket. Cuddle up to it and feel its comfort.

Nina Cobham - Sola

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