Monday 20 April 2020

Introducing: mazie

We live in a social world. Most of us are so fully linked to each other that it’s not uncommon to describe ourselves in terms of our personal connections. “I’m John’s wife or I’m Belinda’s friend from college,” for example. That’s why when new stateside pop upstart mazie (yep, no capital M) sings that she has no “f*ckin’ friends,” it’s easy to shiver and feel a little odd. “If less is more then I’m doing the most,” she adds over a backing track that sounds like a quirky modern bubblegum take on psychedelic sixties pop covered by Superorganism. It’s probably one of the best sad but cute songs you’ll hear this year. Credit also to her neighbour now producer Elie Rizk who worked with mazie on the track.

Whilst no friends is mazie’s debut on streaming services, you’ll find a number of older tracks on Soundcloud. All of those are solid well produced pop but are a little less idiosyncratic than no friends. Less than 2 minutes long there really is no excuse to not press play on this several times. Let’s count this as her real starting point. 

mazie - no friends

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