Tuesday 7 April 2020

Introducing: Panic Shack

Today I’m introducing a band that, in one release, has pulled the pin out of its musical grenade and caused an explosion with their raw punk energy. The name of the band is Panic Shack.

The song is Who’s Got My Lighter? It is a song about someone stealing your lighter on a night out. It’s simple, direct and blows the f*cking roof off. It might be brutal, but that force will persuade you. If it doesn't you might as well give up now.

Repeat after me; this kicks ass. 

Panic Shack are from Wales. For now it is all you really need to know.

When some day we get back to normality I’m fully expecting Panic Shack to send bodies flying everywhere when they play live. Press play please and yell along.

Panic Shack - Who's Got My Lighter?

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