Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Coach Party - Space

This is the third track from Isle of Wight indie kids Coach Party and the third time they’ve been featured on Breaking More Waves. It’s becoming a regular thing, which is nice. Like we're all hanging out as friends in some weird internet blog party. The band can supply the music, now we just need some food.

'What do we have this time' I hear you ask?

It’s a song called Space.

There’s a cute video with a bunch of intergalactic cats, dogs and other animals.

Then there’s a rousing tune that on the music Venn diagram sits at the intersection between grunge, indie, slacker rock and pop.

It’s an angry relationship song: “I even let you in. And now you won’t get out. I gave you what I had and now I want it back.”

It will be out on all the usual streaming sites at midnight tonight.

There’s also news of their debut EP. Hurrah! (No the EP isn’t called Hurrah! That’s just me getting excited). It will actually be called...wait for it.... Party Food. Hurrah x10. Now we're sorted. It will have 6 tracks, including all 3 songs they have  released. There will be another song on the EP which is called Puke. Here’s hoping that one’s a gentle and beautiful love tune ready-made for the first dance of many couples marrying the world over. I suspect not.

Coach Party has also been confirmed for Stag & Dagger Festival later this year (if we get any festivals at all given the current situation). Expect to see further announcements of further festivals they might play in due course.

It’s another corker from these caulkheads. And if you don’t know the word caulkheads just Google it along with the words Isle of Wight.

Coach Party - Space

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