Thursday 13 September 2018

New Music: Whyte Horses - I Saw The Light

This evening I’ll be going not just to a gig, but an experience. That’s how it’s billed. It’s the Whyte Horses Experience at the Southbank Centre in London. An ambitious show to play for any band, particularly one that relatively speaking hasn’t played live that many times. Promising special guests that include La Roux, Badly Drawn Boy, members of the Go! Team, Melanie Pain of Nouvelle Vague, the St Barts Choir and a special mystery guest there’s certainly a suggestion of something a bit more than your average concert. Keep an eye on my Twitter (here) where no doubt I’ll post something about the show afterwards.

In preparation for the gig Whyte Horses recently released their take on the Todd Rungren track I Saw The Light which was on his 1972 album Something / Anything? It’s a song that didn’t feature on the band’s 60’s infused album of pop brilliance Empty Words but very much fits in the style of that record – there’s hints of psychedelia, 60's French pop and everything recorded is kept within a framework of melody and sweetness.

Whyte Horses sound very much comes across as a bunch of pop geeks playing music for other pop geeks – and that suits me perfectly. There's a handful of tickets left for tonight's show if you want to go which you can grab by clicking here.

Whyte Horses - I Saw The Light

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