Monday 10 September 2018

New Music: Billie Marten - Mice

It may surprise you to find that after her debut album Writing of Blues and Yellows, a record which I described in my 2016 end of year album round up as ‘a beautifully constructed and graceful album for those long-lost Sunday afternoons,’ Billie Marten has returned with a Bro-Step digital banger that samples Daft Punk and Kanye West.

It would surprise me as well. Because she hasn’t.

For Mice, Billie’s new single, the music remains as gentle as it was before, but this time there’s a sense of languid despondency. Mice feels and sounds enticingly directionless, a welcome respite to tunes that are desperately trying to grab your attention by throwing big musical punches all over the place. The punches are there though – they’re in the lyrics. Here we find Billie dealing with losing a sense of purpose, singing of being tired and ‘living my life all wrong.’ This is a long way from being a banger, but it’s intimacy and vulnerability make it all the more special.

Billie Marten - Mice

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