Wednesday 12 September 2018

New Music: Starling - You (Video)

Starling is a maker of pop music. This much you may already know. But unless you’ve been particularly quick on the uptake you probably won’t have seen her latest release - her new video for the song You. So here it is.

I have so many questions about this video. 

It’s mainly centred around a large translucent box in a field. 

Why is the box there? Why is coloured smoke coming out of it? Why does Starling dance around it as if it is the most normal thing to do? Why does she grab some smoke sticks herself? And where were they from? What is the pink room in which Starling spends some of the video in? Why the glittery orange suit which seems a little inappropriate for prancing around in a field? Why the spinning vase?

When looking at art, literature and music there’s a school of thought that says we shouldn’t try to interpret what the creator means but should just decide what it means to us as the consumer. On that basis I’ll say that that what this says to me is that Starling is a bit bonkers (in a good way) and has made a pop video that is a bit silly but aesthetically pleasing. I'm sure in reality there's a connection to the meaning of the song, but that's for you as viewer to decide.

Watch You below. Enjoy it, but ask your own questions and find your own answers. 

In other good news, if like me you’re going to see Catherine McGrath play live this week get there early because you get the special bonus of Starling supporting. I wonder if she’ll bring her translucent box with her? 

Starling - You (Video)

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