Friday 7 September 2018

New Music: Broods - Peach (Video)

What should be pop music's raison d'etre? To cheer you up when things aren’t so good? To make you laugh? To make you dance? To make you cry (but in a good way - real tears of joy?) I think so.

Pop should be as much about feelings as it should be about songs. Of course good melodies, beats and voices help, but pop is about more than that. 

And if someone asked you ‘who makes really good pop music’ as described above, who would you name? Britney? Abba? Wham? Maybe. New Zealand's Broods probably wouldn’t be the first band on your lips. But then you probably haven’t heard Peach yet.

Because Peach is a good very good great pop song. Not great as in Pitchfork will love it and the indie dudes will stroke their chins and confess that although they don’t normally like mainstream pop, the Broods song is pretty OK. But great as in if you were out on a Friday night (tonight) and had drunk a couple of large glasses of wine and were feeling a little melancholy and this came on the speakers, by the time the chorus kicked in you’d be up there on the dance floor, grinning like you've won the lottery, with a skip in your step, swinging your hips and feeling bloody fantastic.

Add to that its bonkers video from the TV studios of ‘Midnight with Mick Knight’ featuring Georgia’s alter ego Peaches Magenta and some soft-focus Abba moments, and what Broods have done is scattered a whole load of colour into what they do. 

Broods - Peach (Video)

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