Wednesday 5 September 2018

New Music: Salt Ashes - Girls (Video)

Salt Ashes has been somewhat of a Breaking More Waves regular over the years that she has been bashing out big bops and bangers on the internet.  This is the twelfth time I’ve featured her on the blog, albeit this time with a song that I’ve already featured before, but now there’s a video, so we’re going in for round 2.

Salt Ashes has described these visuals, which are self-directed, as celebrating self-expression, freedom of individuality and confidence. That means what we get is lots of badass women doing the moody staring thing, skateboarding, dancing, reading books (note the #feminist title) and all other sorts of shenanigans. The point is be who you want to be, which I thoroughly endorse, but with a big caveat; be who you want to be as long as it doesn’t really hurt someone else. I mean when popstars say ‘just do what you want to do and be yourself’ it doesn’t give you the right to go out and murder someone. Ok?

Also, thumbs up to the good plant pots and budgerigars in the video as well. 

What I really want to know about the Girls video though is if you were four years old and went to your local playground, wouldn’t you just feel a little bit intimidated if you met that lot hanging out by your favourite slide as they do in the video?  I suspect the reality is that despite the serious popstar look Salt Ashes and friends would actually be dead nice and move out of the way for the children. 

Girls is out everywhere on the internet now. 

Salt Ashes plays Portsmouth’s Dials Festival on 6th October in a venue that also includes performances from Breaking More Waves favourites Lauran Hibberd, Curxes, Grace Savage, Libra Libra and more. You can buy your tickets to support the multi-venue not for profit event by clicking here.  

Salt Ashes - Girls (Video)

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