Wednesday 26 September 2018

New Music: May - Baby Save Me Tonight

MAY is blessed with a voice so abounding with beauty and warmth that I find it impossible to understand why anyone wouldn’t fall immediately in love with it. Here’s the latest example, a song called Baby Save Me Tonight. “If I fall out the window will you catch me in your arms, will you wait with me whilst the ambulance comes,” she sings. Yet despite the doomy romanticism of the lyrics the tune has a touch that is somehow soothing and comforting. 

Her debut EP, out later this year will be released via Best Laid Plans who have had success with the likes of Rag N Bone Man and Rationale and more recently brought you Akine who I introduced back in June (just a few days after I first introduced MAY on Breaking More Waves). There’s a video coming for the song on Friday. I’m expecting some sort of sombre film noir effort. But in the meantime we can all wallow in the sheer class of the audio of Baby Save Me Tonight. Music that deserves to have the stamp of 'classic'.

MAY - Baby Save Me Tonight

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