Friday 23 December 2016

New Music: Shy Nature - My Christmas Tree (Is Looking At Me)

Hello. My name is Mr Tree. I am of the Christmas variety.

I am writing to you today to bring to your awareness of the slaughter and ongoing terror that many of us trees face every year. It starts around late November when we are brutally cut down from our natural forest homes, removed from our families and thrown on board large vehicles. We are pressed up against each other in cramped claustrophobic conditions, taken to strange parts of the world far removed from where we have grown up. We are held by against our will by humans, often in torturously hot conditions, with not even a top up supply of water to stop our needles from drying out. We suffer weeks of savagery and humiliation as they dress us up in ridiculous sparkling tinsel and baubles and stick a fairy on our top. After several weeks of this degrading treatment, we’re taken outside and thrown out with the rubbish, with no thanks. We often end up being hacked to death by a machine, ending up as pieces of woodchip, thrown on someone’s garden, ready for a cat to crap on.

So, this Christmas, dear humans, whilst enjoying yourselves, please consider the well-being of us trees. We may not be for life, but still need some love – each one of us is special.

Here’s a song you might want to consider by Shy Nature. Your Christmas tree is looking at you. You have been warned. If things don't change we will have to take things into our own branches.

Shy Nature - My Christmas Tree (Is Looking At Me)

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