Sunday 11 December 2016

New Music : Introducing - Mosa Wild

Sometimes things just take a little time. Bands need to transition from one project to the next before they get it right. 

On debut track Smoke Mosa Wild get it absolutely right. They might not be totally new to this game, but I get a sense that something wonderful has been brewing from their earlier incarnation. This is a warm and evocative piece of music that recalls the gentler and more reflective side of The Maccabees (with perhaps a hint of Springsteen as well) and a vocal delivery that possesses the same rich quality as Matt Berninger of The National. In fact can someone double check this isn’t Berninger please? 

Smoke is both intimate and gloriously wide-screen in equal measure - and despite its obvious comparisons is rather wonderful.

Mosa Wild is Jim Rubaduka, Alex Stevens, Charlie Campbell and Edwin Ireland. For those websites who go late with their 2017 Ones to Watch lists, they're a recommendation from me to you.

Mosa Wild - Smoke

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