Saturday 31 December 2016

My Favourite Albums of 2016: #7 Shura - Nothing's Real

When it comes to out and out pop, albums of the year lists tend to proportionally feature very little. There’s a whole debate to be had about why this is; critics elitist snobbery, the genre's reliance on hit singles rather than albums and the transient fashion based nature of pop are probably some of the factors that hinder it. Thankfully Shura’s Nothing’s Real suffers from none of the above. It’s a pop record with depth, quality, longevity and the critics generally liked it as well. So did I. I loved the album’s sleek, soft focus, 80’s referencing American high school prom electronic sound and its romantic, emotional and thoughtful outlook. Nothing’s Real was as shiny and synthetic as they come, but it was full of character and good songs.

Shura - What's It Gonna Be

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