Saturday 31 December 2016

My Favourite Albums of 2016: #10 Misty Miller - The Whole Family Is Worried

So, we hit the top 10 in my favourite albums of 2016. Expect to see some that have featured on virtually every list under the sun and some that probably only feature here. It’s one of those less hyped records that it’s time to turn attention to now as Misty Miller’s The Whole Family Is Worried takes the number 10 spot.

This record is the first of two arguments in the top 10 that sometimes it’s worth sticking with an artist, even if a record label doesn’t see it that way. Misty first featured as one of my Ones to Watch tips in 2010, playing sweet pixie-like love songs on a ukulele. The subsequent album was nice enough, but perhaps a little too cloying for my tastes. However, even at the time she stated her influences included Bob Dylan and rockabilly music. She clearly wasn’t your average 16 year old.

Fast forward to 2016 and Misty’s second album is a very different beast. Whilst The Whole Family Is Worried retained her ability to produce a hooky pop melody, this record was a fiery holler-along joy, full of angry guitars and lyrics about being a young woman right now. Often brutally honest, vulnerable, funny and angry, but always full of life. The number of times I’ve yelled along to the “I’ve been sleeping with your friends,” line of Happy, the song that should have been a hit, is ridiculous.

Sadly, despite positive reviews and great songs The Whole Family Is Worried got somewhat overlooked. So, if the point of these lists is to suggest a record for you to listen to, that you haven’t done yet, then you know what to do now….

Misty Miller - Happy (Video)

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