Saturday 31 December 2016

My Favourite Albums of 2016: #25 Ian William Craig - Centres

So here we go, the countdown of my favourite 25 albums of 2016, with one post every hour, finishing at exactly the point the year ends in my own country. 

I start with the latest release from Ian William Craig, a Canadian artist who uses tape players and synthesizers to create hypnotically languid songs formed from ambient sounds, static noise and drifting electronics, which wafts and billows like a cloudy giant. Let's call it choral-gaze. Its overall effect is one of entering another world, one where there’s just enough familiarity to know what’s going on, but as you reach out and touch something your understanding of the place shifts a little. The textures here are different. This is a numbing hypnagogic record from the leftfield. A trip onto the other side or at least a transition to another state that is as bleak as it is beautiful.

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