Sunday 18 October 2015

Jack Garratt - Breathe Life (Video)

If you’re a regular reader of Breaking More Waves, or if you’ve seen a few of our tweets, it’s likely that it will have come to your attention that we’re fascinated by the concept of pop stars in the bath. There’s an awful lot of them at it, and we don’t just mean for cleaning themselves. No, instead these water loving musicians are using the bath as an integral part of a campaign to sell some music. Some of them even forget to take their clothes off when they get among the suds, which is odd, but then pop music is an odd choice of career. In fact (aside from possibly acting, another strange career choice) it’s probably the only job we can think of where its seen as perfectly acceptable to believe that having video footage or pictures of yourself in the bath shown to the world is an acceptable way to market your product (except perhaps for bath product manufacturers themselves). As far as we can recall we’ve never seen an architect, a lawyer or a carpenter promote what they do by having a good soak.

Former British Junior Eurovision finalist and multi-instrumentalist Jack Garratt hasn’t quite jumped in the bath. But his new video for new song Breathe Life does find him floating around in a body of water fully clothed. So a similar bonkers concept really. He couldn’t have done the bath if he wanted to though, as there’s a whole bunch of synchronised swimmers with him who would have made a good old fashioned tub a little overcrowded.

We’re not quite sure where we are with Jack Garratt. He’s been around for a while now, but is probably still considered a ‘new’ artist. He’s just announced his biggest show yet, at Brixton Academy, but has yet to release his debut album (Phase comes out next February). He could be a potential star of this year’s BBC Sound of 2016 list, possibly even a potential winner or top 5 place, but he might get forgotten about if the voters don’t consider him new anymore (the timespan of newness on the internet now being approximately 0.02 seconds). 

What we are sure about however, is that Breathe Life is one of our favourite songs of his yet. It combines pop, electronica, R & B and even a few tiny jazz twinkles, and adds one of those bubbly ‘woah-oh-oh-oh-oh’ lines that nearly everyone from Bastille to Oh Wonder to Chvrches has used in some way over the last couple of years to ensure maximum hook factor. It’s certainly reeled us in. Thumbs up, very good, well done Jack etc.

Jack Garratt - Breathe Life (Video)

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