Thursday, 1 October 2015

Iris Gold - Color Trip

If big hair was a guarantee of big success (we’re looking at you Rae Morris and Ella Eyre) then Iris Gold would be a dead certainty. Alas the rules of pop are far more complicated than that; although good hair is nearly as important as good songs - there's so many cases of an artist getting a bad haircut and never recovering creatively or commercially. 

However, irrespective of Moby like baldness or her current big afro, and irrespective or commercial potential or not, we’d be writing about Iris Gold’s Color Trip, because it’s one of those slightly chattering, trippy sounding pop tunes that’s just infused with cool. If you’ve ever heard Q-Tee (she rapped on St Etienne’s song Calico from their 1993 LP So Tough and had one minor hit single a few years later with Gimme That Body) or Ms Dynamite (surely she needs no introduction) then you might be inclined to compare the delivery style to one of those. 

Color Trip’s already been picked up by a small handful of blogs and pretty much all of them will have already told you something about the lyrics which mention incense, crystals and flowers in the hair. This is good because we’re often appalled by the lack of attention that blogs pay to lyrics -we wrote about that on this post linked here. Alas in this instance it probably has more to do with the press release feeding this information, but still, at least people are enjoying Iris’s hippie-hop vibe.

Iris Gold - Color Trip

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