Friday 30 October 2015

Glass - New Waves

This may be an introducing post on ‘pop hip-op crance’ newcomers Glass, but it’s the second time we’ve mentioned the London based duo on Breaking More Waves, having alerted you to their existence a couple of months ago in a preview of  Portsmouth’s Dials Festival. At the time there was no material released to the world, but now, just in time for Halloween, Glass have released their debut video; a bloody piece of disco vampirism that accompanies the bands take on warped electro / piano pop.

That ‘hip-op’ reference isn’t some sort of trendily smug Shoreditch clever tag trying to create a scene out of something that doesn’t exist. It in fact refers to the fact that lead singer Jessica (who was once described by the Guardian as ‘Julie Andrews, not on a mountain top, but in hell’) struggled with a congenital dislocation of the hips from birth. There’s nothing out of place with the music from Glass though, irrespective of problems Jessica might have experienced with her body in the past. What It Is To Believe is a dreamy and succinct pop song, matching Jessica’s sweet vocal delivery with elegant keyboard twinkles and electronics. It does the whole simple but effective thing very well. 

If you’re in London, Glass play the Kluster Rooms, 566 Cable Street tonight and The Old Blue Last on the 9th December. Early reports suggest they're a band who even at this early stage, put on quite a show, but remember, if you go along and Jessica invites you to the toilets with her, take warning from this video.

Glass - What It Is To Believe

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