Friday 16 October 2015

Chloe Black - Wild At Heart (Video)

A couple of weeks ago Breaking More Waves had the pleasure of bringing rising star Chloe Black down to our home city of Portsmouth to play Dials, a festival that we helped curate. Some things we learnt about Chloe that weekend were:

1. She prefers a burrito over a pie.

2. She has some of the best in between song banter we’ve heard from a musician on stage for some time. If the music career doesn't work out we reckon there's a job in comedy waiting for her.

3. She has good taste in films and David Lynch is clearly one of her inspirations.

There’s further evidence of 3 (you’ll have to take our word about the banter and burrito / pie conflict) with her new song and colourful video Wild At Heart, where she sings of ‘watching Twin Peaks whilst we make love’ with some surreal bloodied imagery going on.

The song itself is also a bit of an earworm,with the anthem of a chorus being a definite wave the arms in the air from side to side moment.

If you want to catch Chloe live (and you really should – this girl can sing your pants off) she’s out on tour supporting Lauren Aquilina in the UK this autumn.

Chloe Black - Wild At Heart (Video)

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