Saturday 17 October 2015

Ingrid Witt - New Waves

If you’re the sort of person that likes intoxicating studio based electronic dance pop music that artists like Robyn or (sometimes) Kylie Minogue produce, the sort of stuff that channels some of the more sophisticated areas of the discotheque but remembers that the exciting throb and pulse of the strobe needs to be matched with a good song, and if you’re the sort of person who is inclined to believe that Scandinavia does pop music better than any other part of the world right now, then we guarantee that you’re going to like, possibly even love  Stockholm’s Ingrid Witt

For Ingrid’s debut tune Make Up is a tune to bring us all together, forever in electric dreams. It has a bubbly disco immediacy, lyrics about being naked on the living room floor and a chorus that will take you through the night into the next morning. In the ongoing conflict between good pop and bad pop this one is very much on the good side. Don't ever sleep, just dance.

Ingrid Witt - Make Up

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