Friday 2 October 2015

George Cosby - New Waves

Here’s a song to knock your socks off. Ritual Bush by newcomer George Cosby is a tune that really wants to be something. It's absolutely full of grandiose ambition, No, correction, it’s a song that really is something, not just wants to be. One listen will confirm that as it stomps its way in, kicking down every door before it; like great sex it will leave you breathless and wanting more, even although it’s given everything. Unlike great sex it only lasts three minutes and thirty seconds. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine a more indie version of Samuel T Herring  of Future Islands, with added guitars, crooning away with huge gestures.  It’s an undeniably great start.

After working his way round many of the festivals that Breaking More Waves attended this summer (Great Escape, Bushstock, Somersault) Crosby’s debut EP is to follow in November. If it in any way matches up to Ritual Bush it will be the music writers equivalent of a sports commentator yelling 'he's just played an absolute blinder'.

George Cosby - Ritual Bush