Monday 29 December 2014

Seafoal - New Waves

Whilst we’d like to think that here at Breaking More Waves we have a pretty open mind to all sorts of music, the chances of finding a song by Bring Me The Horizon mentioned on this blog are pretty limited. That is until today as we introduce lizard appreciating and tattoo adorned ambient folk singer Siana Sweeney, who performs as Seafoal. The reason? A bedroom cover that has gone semi-viral; Seafoal’s version of Drown has hit over 450,000 views on You Tube since it was uploaded at the end of October. (You can see it here).

What’s even more impressive though is her own songs, particularly on her recent Lucid Living EP from which we’re streaming Fading. It’s a beautifully melancholy song that falls somewhere between the acoustic pop sensibilities of Gabrielle Aplin and the lusher atmospheric spaces occupied by a band like Daughter. “Turn it around, I've found that I'm lonely. Kick it down a notch to only see that we ran out of everything we dreamed,” she sings with a melody that drifts exquisitely over the simply constructed but totally bewitching musical arrangement.

Seafoal will be heading out on tour in early 2015. Bizarrely The Lucid Living EP is released through metalcore loving Negative Reaction records. You can order physical copies here.

Seafoal - Fading

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