Wednesday 24 December 2014

Rae Morris - Stay Another Day

Aye up. Snowman ‘ere. Keeping it chill. I’m the coolest dude in town. Yep, I’m a snowman hipster. 

All right stop, collaborate and listen, ice is back with a brand new invention. It’s another Christmas tune, the final one on Breaking More Waves this Christmas Eve; a crisp version of East 17’s Stay Another Day by Rae Morris, incorporating a little bit of carol Silent Night for extra Christmas flavour. Rae’s a good lass, after all she’s already had a song out called Cold. Anyway, this one is pretty enough to melt even the most cynical heart, or even a snowman. Melt? What? No….help…… Bloody global warming.

No more ice ice baby. Happy Christmas.

Rae Morris - Stay Another Day

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