Monday, 22 December 2014

Laura Doggett - Old Faces (Video)

Whilst many UK based music bloggers are currently putting on their ‘Out of Office’ emails and heading for destination Christmas oblivion, Breaking More Waves is soldiering on right up until Christmas Eve, where we’ll be introducing a few guest bloggers for the day. 

Next up is the new song from an artist we named one of our Ones to Watch 2015Laura Doggett. However, we suggest you start watching (and listening) now rather than leaving it till next year. In fact you may have already done so, as her new song Old Faces (which you’ll find below) features in the trailer of the new series of Broadchurch on ITV so you may have heard a snippet of it without even realising.

Old Faces is a song about dreams and ambitions and finds Laura tackling the subject of those who ‘laugh at you for trying to change the world’.  Starting with some soft piano Old Faces gradually swells into a magnificent string laden ballad. It’s pretty easy to understand why the producers of Broadchurch would have wanted to use this, Laura’s sultry deep pitch vocal is impeccable and the song is rich in its power.

In the flesh Laura's vocal is as good as it is in recorded form. If you want to experience it for yourself she plays a concert by candlelight at the fantastic Jacobean styled Wanamaker Playhouse in London on January 19th and then follows it up with a small tour of the west country in March. Tickets for London are here, other dates are here.

Laura Doggett - Old Faces (Video)

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