Saturday, 27 December 2014

Kloë - New Waves

Whilst we’ve been busy with our traditional end of year Ones to Watch 2015, Albums of 2014 countdown and Blog Sound of 2015 / BBC Sound of 2015 posts in the run up to Christmas (and a handful of new music posts as well) here's one new artist who cropped up on our radar who we couldn't let slip by.

Meet Kloë. She’s 18 years old and hails from Glasgow. Her opening gambit kicks in with some pin-pointedly of the moment production from Lewis Gardiner of Blog Sound of 2015 nominees Prides (Banks being an obvious reference point to the sound) and some attention grabbing lyrics: “It’s just you’ve fucked every girl in the room.” Kloë certainly isn’t holding anything back lyrically on this one, it’s very open book and confessional: "Everything's easier in the dark with you." It sounds like the sort of song that would be big on the blogs and sure enough it already has been earlier this month. It’s a pretty promising start then. Let’s see what 2015 brings for this new kid on the block.

Kloë - Grip

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Stu Basham said...

This song is great too! I love the production and delay on the vocals.