Monday, 29 December 2014

Adria - New Waves

“I don’t want to fear no more, can you make me beautiful?” 

Those are the questioning lines that Adria opens her musical account with and from there on we’re headlong into an elegant and sensuous piece of pop. Produced in London by Matthew Wiggins who has worked on music by the likes of Lorde (Yellow Flicker Beat), Adele (Skyfall) and Rosie Lowe (Water Come Down) Adria co-wrote Pull Me Under, her debut release, with Viktor Balter-Lundin who has creations with Lykke Li and Doe Paoro on his CV amongst others.

It seems that this Australian lass has (rather like Breaking More Waves) a big connection with water. Not only do the lyrics talk of rain and oceans, but the black and white video accompanying the song is a very wet affair. It goes further than this though, even Adria’s name comes from the sea, as she was named after the Adriatic.

Pull Me Under has certainly grabbed us. Press play and see if she makes a splash with you. 

Oh, and go on, let’s get it over and done with now, after all we referenced one particular singer a couple of days ago in relation to another artist, so  let's do it again; based on this one song Adria could well be Australia’s answer to Banks.

There, we’ve said it, now let’s move on.

Adria - Pull Me Under (Video)

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Stu Basham said...

Super cool song and video!