Sunday 21 December 2014

Albums of the Year 2014 #2 Broods - Evergreen

Our second most played album per month this year is Evergreen from New Zealand electronic pop duo Broods.

Despite the album achieving number 1 in the charts in their home country and number 5 in Australia, in the UK Broods hardly made any sort of dent in the public consciousness due to a promotional campaign that appeared to focus largely on Australasia and America rather than Europe. This is a shame, because with Evergreen Broods conjured up a record of swelling atmospheric synths, polished production (from Joel Little of Lorde fame) and most importantly some excellent melodic, hooky, memorable pop songwriting that has been the soundtrack to the second half of our year. Given the right exposure in the UK its commercial success elsewhere could have been repeated here.

There are moments of euphoria, melancholy, tenderness and sentimentality on this record that are touchingly brought to life through the simple joys of a pop song. Little’s production works perfectly, in the same way it did with Lorde’s debut;  he keeps things relatively sparse, the electronics sounding crisp and with a feeling of contemplation that suits lead singer Georgia Nott’s icy and subtly sensual tones well.

In 2013 Chvrches’ The Bones Of What You Believe was our album of the year. In 2014 Evergreen was the closest thing to that - a record that whilst being pop was underpinned by a darker more mature sound. It really should have been a worldwide hit, but if (in the UK at least) it’s the one that got away, we’re very glad that we found it.

Broods - Mother & Father

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