Saturday 14 June 2014

Misty Miller - Taxi Cab (Video)

The last time we came across Misty Miller she was giving two fingers and a fair few shouts of “f*ck you,” to the noise police who had shut her live set down at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival where she’d been booked to play an outside tented stage clearly designed for quiet acoustic artists, not ballsy dirty rock n roll that was the musical equivalent of shagging against a brick wall in a dark cellar with half your clothes still on and no contraceptive. Maybe the bookers of Great Escape hadn’t realised that Misty had grown up a lot and wasn’t the same artist that we suggested was One To Watch back in 2010.

Now Misty’s back with a video for Taxi Cab, a song that we originally featured last year and will be released as a single on June 16th. Here are the key points that you need to know about this video.

It features zombies.

It features a night bus.

The zombies are quite horny.

Misty seems to find this all quite fun.

So do we.

It's probably not for the easily offended.

That’s it. It’s basically horny Zombies getting horny to horny sounding rock n roll. That’ll do very nicely.

Misty Miller - Taxi Cab (Video)

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