Wednesday 4 June 2014

Festibelly 2014 - Preview

Because you’re reading this blog we’re going to hazard a guess that you like new artists and new music, because that’s 90% of what we cover. Why new music? Maybe it’s because you’re constantly excited by fresh sounds and music fashions, maybe it’s because you like going to see bands in small venues before they get big, or maybe it’s because your tastes are just a little switched away from the mainstream. 

Because you’re reading this blog we’re also hazarding a guess that you like festivals.

So assuming that both of the above statements are correct let us introduce you to what could easily be the perfect festival for you. It’s called Festibelly.

Having taken a year off in 2013 after a highly successful 2012 (where the then lowly Bastille played a late afternoon set) Festibelly returns for its sixth year on the 11th and 12th July, keeping to its grass roots and affordable ethics - this is one of those doing it for the love events rather than big profits.

Festibelly is a small but perfectly formed festival on the edge of the New Forest on the south coast of the UK and small means wonderfully convenient. The chances are even if you camp the furthest point away from the main stage you’ll never be more than a leisurely 5-10 minutes walk from it. But small doesn’t mean lacking in quality. For Festibelly picks its new music very well. If you visit this blog often you’ll probably recognise a lot of the names on the bill. The likes of dramatic pop chanteuse Laurel, the deliverer of beats and hooks known as Femme, dance-pop kids Mausi (if you haven’t heard summer party anthem My Friend Has A Swimming Pool do your ears a favour and click the playlist below) plus Lexy & The Kill, Plastic Mermaids and Skinny Lister are all bands that have graced Breaking More Waves and will be treading the boards at this year’s event.

Whilst the majority of the acts playing are relatively new Festibelly will also be bringing funky sex gods and festival favourites The Cuban Brothers to headline the Friday night, ensuring riotous body popping, break dancing  and plenty of groin thrusting both on stage and in the audience. Saturday’s headliners continue the theme of new music with tipped for big things Hudson Taylor closing the main stage. The festival also supports local talent and if you’re interested in hearing some of those acts you can click here to find a playlist.

Like all outdoor summer camping festivals Festibelly isn’t just about the music. There will be a brand new bar that serves everything from craft ales to cocktails. The festival also promises a new dining experience for those wanting to get off their feet and indulge in an extravagant three course feast prepared by some of the festivals favourite New Forest institutions, alongside culinary masterclasses and bake offs. Theatre, a late night headphone disco, comedy and ‘interactive nonsense galore’ are also promised. Back in 2012 this included a life drawing class! Who knows what to expect at this year’s Festibelly? 

If you fancy going you can pick up tickets from the festivals website here (adult tickets are £75 for the weekend for Friday and Saturday, there’s no music on Sunday but the site remains open to allow you plenty of time to pack up before heading home).

Here’s a playlist of 5 artists on Breaking More Waves must see list (subject to line up clashes). Take a listen and find something good.

5 Must See Acts At Festibelly 2014

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