Thursday 19 June 2014

Broods - Mother & Father

Here it is, the new single from New Zealand’s Broods, in which lead singer Georgia Nott expresses the fears of getting older and flying the parental nest. “I don't want to wake up lonely, I don't want to just be fine,” she sings. Most parents who have children that are getting near to or are at the age where departure may soon become inevitable will probably have a little shiver. 

We’re pretty sure that Ma Nott and Pa Nott must be pretty proud of Georgia and Caleb right now. For with Mother & Father’s glistening opulent synths combining with lyrics that anyone who has ever felt a little bit lost and under confident in this vast world will be able to connect with, Broods have produced a pop record that is crafted with elegance and feels both honest and human. 

In Breaking More Waves home country of the UK Broods play Latitude Festival on the 19th July and Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on the 22nd. The song is on iTunes now.

Broods - Mother & Father

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