Thursday 19 June 2014

Laura Welsh - Break The Fall

Exposure and success have been a long time coming for Laura Welsh. After all it was in March 2012 that she first featured on Breaking More Waves and even before that she’d performed under the names Laura and the Tears (played on Radio 2 by that hip young tastemaker Terry Wogan) and Hey Laura. Now she’s gearing up to being a tiny bit better known as Here For You, the Gorgon City track she provides vocals for bursts (probably) into the top 10 of the UK singles chart this weekend.

With the Gorgon City song doing well it’s an undeniably an appropriate time for her to put out one of her own songs, capitalising on the attention. The tune that she does that with is Break The Fall, a big booming powerhouse that sounds like an amalgamation of some of the best bits of many of the British female vocal hits of the last few years, from Adele to Florence to Emeli and back again. 

Whilst Laura’s music may have changed stylistically over time one thing that seems to have remained constant is her ability to struggle with love. Previously we’ve heard her questioning it, finding a hollow emptiness in it and this time we’re finding her distrustful. “I want to love you but I’m just too cynical,” she booms. Come on Laura, don’t you know that it’s better to have lost in love than never to have loved at all? Throw your inhibitions to the world and go for it, a bit like the way this song does. You might regret it later, but at least you've had a go.

Laura Welsh - Break The Fall

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